Death On The Nile Review – 2022 Movie

**no spoilers, but details are mentioned**

The movie Death on the Nile is the second installment of Poiroit murder mysteries, the first being The Orient Express.

A “who dunnit” type, which I love.

With the cast, it should have been easy to like, but I couldn’t. I tried. In fact the only thing I did like was the soundtrack.

Main Cast

Gal Gadot

Ryan Reynolds

Margo Robbie


Movie Review

It started off poorly for me, incredibly slow in the beginning. It didn’t feel like it really began until 34 minutes in. I get they want to establish backstories and character connections, but it was not working for me. And I’m still wondering what the point of the beginning backstory’s point was?

I actually didn’t feel like I understood who was who and why they were all together. Maybe it’s because at time’s I could barely make out what the heck they were saying.

There were moments throughout the movie that I turned my head and was like , “huh”? which totally took me out of the movie itself…

For example, the dirty dancing in the 1930’s? Really? I mean, it was sexy but completely out of the reality of the times. And the almost sex scene at the Rameses site, the positioning and groping, I almost laughed out loud at the ridiculous acting of it.

There were also scenes that were raised to a dramatic level that didn’t make sense: Jackie’s arrival at the wedding party, the weird queen of the Nile scene, odd pause and stares like when Linnet saw a storm in the distance, etc. They just felt out of place and way more drummed up than they needed to be.

And, why did they need to take 3 boats to go to land when they could have all fit in 2 easily, possibly even one???

Meh- I’m giving this a big fat 1 star, for the soundtrack.

Sorry Margo & Gal. I like ya, but not in this.

Side note – I love Gal Gadot in most anything she’s in. I’ve been following her not only for her acting, but she had shared her personal skincare routine and made me love her a bit more. Here’s an insert from the Harpers Bazaar interview and what she said:

Post-shower, she doesn’t forget about hydrating the rest of her body either and actually loves a drugstore lotion for this step. “I use lots of different body lotions, but my favourite is Nivea Rich and Nourishing Body Moisturizer – it’s cheap but it’s so good,” Gadot told Harper’s Bazaar Singapore. – Jan 16, 2022 –



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