Ghosts TV Show is definitely one of my favorite shows right now.

>My Top 5 Favorite shows of all time>

The characters are all VERY likable and it’s just a feel-good show, in its first season on CBS (or Paramount+).

The show is based on the UK show of the same name (you can watch the UK version on Netflicks). While I don’t usually care much for British show remakes (for example the show Miranda is the basis of “Call Me Kat”), I do like this version as well.

There are some differences (in characters and depth), but they are still quite similar.

There is one thing noticeable that I question – what happened to the guy from what looked like the 1950s with a leather jacket that his head fell off in the pilot? I believe his name was Crash. I’m not sure if he was written out or just a continuity error – but in the shows afterward it shows that the characters’ body parts will immediately reattach if they are detached or removed for whatever reason.

Anyways, this show has such a gentle humor about it, a simplicity of the half hour problem to solve equation that I have missed. It’s very enjoyable and I hope they continue to a season 2.

The cast and characters:

Asher Grodman
Plays Trevor (1990’s wall street ghost)
Sheila Carrasco
Plays Flower (1970’s ghost)



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