Hi, Welcome!

My name is Angie. I’m a dog-loving, almost vegetarian, trying to live a healthier and happier life with my husband Tony and our 3 dog babies – the absolute loves of our lives.

You can email me at hello@amfthings.com

About All My Favorite Things site

You’ll find a complete mish-mash of topics on this site, from recipes & cooking to pet stuff, tv or movie or product reviews, and our home remodeling adventures.

When I started this blog years ago, I had no real plans for it except to be my own personal space to keep and my own personal reference.  But then, after we finally got our own house, there were so many homeowner adventures and mishaps that came along, and I wanted to share.

Also, the name AMFTHINGS is actually my initials of Angie M. F. (maiden name) and that’s where I came up with All My Favorite Things into Amfthings.com. I also have a twin-sister site called allmyfavoritethings.net which I may or may not be transferring to in the future.

Our Dogs

We have Chapo who is a 7-year-old Chiweenie dog (Weiner & Chihuahua mix) who is quite a loving soul who just wants to be by his mama or daddy.

Then we have Winnie who is a 6-year-old terrier and chihuahua mix, who is feisty, incredibly curious, and willing to get dirty in the mud just after she gets a bath.

And then our baby Sugar (aka Sugar-Booger) who is a 3-year-old pure beagle, full of energy and mischievousness.

My Style

I’m still figuring that out!

But, I can say that I am more of the earthy and subdued color palette and like mostly woods, dark black metals and clean. I’m not a maximalist or a minimalist, but somewhere in between, meaning, I like to have unique and popular “stuff”, but only if it has meaning or is useful in some way.

The types of blogs I was seeing from others were VERY SIMILAR to each other…. and no offense to farmhouse style as I do like it here and there too, but it’s just SO MUCH out there. And it didn’t really fit me completely.

I wanted to share my own uniqueness with others to show that there is definitely more out there and its ok to do your own thing.

So, I guess my overall style is a bit more collectic, moody and earthy, with a flair for old world, industrial and clean.

Thank you, from our little family

So, please, take a look around! And, thank you for letting me share with you a part of my everyday life and my favorite things that I love and use!

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