Best Dog Toys, Dog Treats, Snuffle Mats & Dog Puzzles

dog snuffle mat

Our dogs love to play with us, but we also want to provide them interactive dog toys for playtime to help them build their own doggy interests, to help give them activities and fight boredom during the day.

We also give the dog toys or chews when we want some quiet time, like on nights we want to watch a movie, especially if they’re being rambunctious.

**Our list is full of our favorite items that are handpicked, tested and loved by us and our dogs. These suggested items may contain affiliate links which we receive a small commision that helps maintain our website and we appreciate you letting us be a part of your mouse family journey!

Dog Toys to Beat Boredom and Entertain:


Foraging Dog Treats To Use With Fillable Toys

The treats we use to fill their mats and toys are a mix of various dried treats, natural peanut butter, treats we get from Barkbox, sometimes their food and other treats that include:


dog toys

Here’s the snuffle mat you see in the picture above.

We are always trying out new dog puzzle toys that hide treats and give our dogs a challenge. We got the Dog Brick, the Nina Ottosson by Outwardhound, LEVEL 2. So far the pups 🐶 love it! 💕

Here is their favorite dog puzzle, level 2 by Nina Ottosson.

dog puzzle toy brick by outward bound nina level 2



Kong rubber refillable chew toy

kong quest dog chew treat critters green frog

Kong Easy Treat refillable in liver (used by our veterinarian)

    Kong toy easy treat refillable liver.


Petsafe Busy Buddy Bristle Bone for dogs in medium size

Petsafe Busy Buddy Bristle Bone for dogs in medium size


Dog chew foraging ring – fillable with treats

Dog chew foraging ring - fillable with treats




If you have a suggestion or would like us to try something, by all means, please let us know!

~~ And as always friends, take care, be kind to yourself and others, and always keep learning to be better and do better.

*We sometimes use affiliate links on our site for items that I use, recommend, and love. The links are free for you to use and it helps support my site by providing a commission for the recommendation. I greatly appreciate you clicking on any recommended links I provide.*


Items from this article:

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Updated: February 15, 2024

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