How to Throw a New Dog Puppy Shower

I love parties. I love the entertaining and the food and getting fun decorations together to set the mood.

And this means the not-so-usual parties like a dog birthday party and new dog adoption puppy shower!

Here are some pictures of a dog showers party I threw for a co-worker who was getting a new dog and we treated it just like a baby shower.

< Our favorite dog toys, puzzles, gifts and treats >

We had a cake, treats and plenty of dog decorations to set the mood. And the dog bowls doubled as a holder for our food we catered for lunch! Super cute!



Dog party items to include:

  • Tall Pretzel sticks (Go Fetch sticks)
  • Chex mix doggie chow (Puppy Chow)
  • Reese’s Puffs Cereal found at Target
  • Dollar store dog bowls
  • Dollar store plastic dog treat containers
  • a few balloons from Dollar Store
  • Dollar store pee pads in a diaper tower
  • little signs – Dollar Tree frames, printed at home
  • random dog toys for decor
  • Sugar Cookies in dog related shapes

In addition to the table setup and gifts, you can also play a couple games including:

  • celebrity dog match
  • Baby animal match game
  • Around the world “dog” language (hard)
  • Dog breed word search
  • Pin the tail on the dog
  • Movie dog scramble
  • Dog maze (2 options)
  • Doggie name pick

Its really a time for everyone to have a bit of fun, relax and not be so serious.

But remember, to many people, a dog or any animal can be family or their children so celebrating this type of life change can be wonderful for all involved.

I hope you have as much fun as we did!




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