3 Township Game Tips & Tricks – How I Win #1 in Events

I used to love Farmville, but it was the same thing and got boring. I never got into other game apps…..

It wasn’t until my aunt got me onto a game she was playing that I got kinda sucked in.

It’s a waste of time, yes.

Is it fun? Yeah, I enjoy it.

Is it entertaining? Not really entertaining, but it kept me occupied.

It’s easy to play a game when you’re waiting in line somewhere, especially nowadays (during Covid) when you have to sit in your car or wait because you’re not allowed to be inside, such as a CVS for a prescription.

Anyways….. the game she got me on was Township.

It’s a basic rendition of Facebook’s Farmville, but so much more.

You build houses, farm your crops, get rewarded with community buildings that allow you to build more crops, and so on and so on.

What’s nice about this game is that there’s more than just that.

There are:

  • trains that come that you can fill to earn prizes/money/etc
  • airplanes to fill to earn prizes/money/etc
  • helicopters to send out to local people on their request
  • a zoo you build up in a completely new screen/world and fill their request to earn prizes/money/etc
  • a mine that you can mine for bronze, silver, gold, and other items
  • a Ragata (team play) on the shore that you join a group and participate in races to win prizes as a group
  • other random prize-winning activity that last 28 days or so
  • an event board that has multiple other prize-winning games
  • leaderboard games, such as Mine Time or Big Traveler

This game is not short of keeping you busy.

And you are able to request items from your Ragata group and get items through the marketplace.

Plus, you can use the foundry to create ingots (metal bars) to help you in getting the items you need quicker improve the factories and planes to work faster and provide more prizes by increasing their levels.

Like I said, this game is not short of providing lots to keep busy.

But, even though I’m only at a level 42 (currently as I write this), I have been able to find quicker ways to win at those races and side activities.

Here are some Township game tips and tricks to winning events:

#1. Pre-plan Prepare

The most important trick to winning at Township events is to start off by getting ahead.

For example, if I can see that a Ragata race is starting soon, then I know I will most likely need to fill 8-13 zoo orders, possibly do a full crop field of something, fill plane loads and fill some trains.

So, I stop “completing” all:

  • zoo orders, but start making the items. I only complete 1 half of the order and work on the other half but DO NOT fill it.
  • helicopters, delete red and only keep green
  • don’t mine, let your tools add up from trains so you are ready to do a mine task
  • leave filled boats in dock ready to empty

I also start:

  • Making breads and other popular items that I know will be needed to fill other friend’s towns
  • fill friend’s order requests through portal, which will start to build up clovers – you’ll need anywhere from 25-40 clovers
  • ho around and make sure I have at least 2 of everything in all factories
  • Feed ducks to get feathers

I will only complete the zoo orders once I start that task for the Ragata.

#2. Put Next Tasks on Hold

Once I start a Ragata task, I will immediately look at the next task I want to do and put a hold on it. This way, I know what I should be doing in the meantime while I am working on my current task.

For example, if there is a task to do 400 crops of cocoa, the cocoa take 6 hours to harvest,  or the rubber trees take 10 hours, so I start planting whatever is next on my preferred tasks.

Check to make sure this is ok with your team first as some groups don’t allow holding.

#3. Use Boosters

The other thing I do is take advantage of my boosters. I used to try to do zoo orders, train orders, and plane orders only, but found that filling crop orders in between has upped my game tremendously.

I almost never use my boosters from the lab until I absolutely need them. If I see there is an order for let’s use the 400 cocoa again, I will wait until I start that task or just before and activate the 2x booster so everything I get once I harvest the crops with be double right away.

This allows me to not waste any time beforehand and utilize it straight away for the task.

Sometimes I’m able to whip through crop tasks within a very short period of time because of the pre-plan, hold and booster combination.

#4. (Bonus) Be Consistent & Persistent

The last event was doing the field master where we got special points for the different kind of crops to harvest.

Wheat would get 1, Corn would get 2, Carrots would get 3, and so on.

What I noticed is that even though the crops that took a long time to plant and harvest got more points per each, it really didn’t pay off unless you didn’t play a lot. Meaning, you plant your crops and come back a few hours later.

But, I saw that I could plant 60 crops of corn, at 2 points each, at 2x of a booster and harvest in 5 minutes to get 4 points for each crop. If I did that consistently for about 30 minutes or so, that would give me 24 points per crop every 1/2 hour.

That vs planting cocoa that gave 14 points, x2 = 28 every 6-7 hours.

In 6-7 hours (obviously playing sporadically because I have a life and a job), I figure I could harvest the corn at least 12 times, so 4 x 12 in the same amount of time of 6-7 hours was 48 points. And that’s just checking on it every half hour over a few hours. If I did it more often in there sometimes it would be a lot more.

And what I would do is be pretty consistent and persistent in the beginning, doing it as often randomly as I could, even if I was watching tv, or if I was working I would check on it every 15 -20 minutes.

It only took a minute to harvest and replant… so it really is super easy to get ahead super fast.


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