Check out all my favorite things for March 2022!

It’s no secret I buy a lot of items through Amazon, especially at Christmas when everyone opens gifts and it’s an Amazon box, they know who it’s from.

Yep, me. Those boxes are the cutest to hang on to for gift wrapping! Anyways, this month, I pulled out all my recent favorite things that I bought and why I love them. Don’t get me wrong, there were definitely some big misses and items that just didn’t work out.

I’ll include a list at the bottom. Let’s jump right into my favorite things for March 2022!

(This article contains links to my affiliate account to help support my blog and I so appreciate you letting me share all my favorite things with you!)

1. Sheer Tie Curtains

These are just absolutely beautiful in person, so soft, airy, and perfect for Spring/Summer or to pair with a heavier set for cooler weather.

View more about the Jolie Crushed Semi-Sheer Tie-Top Window Curtains

2. Motion Sensor Lights

We got these for under the top cabinets in the kitchen to shine down on the counter. They work wonderfully when you are just too lazy to turn on the switch 🤣😂🤣 or don’t want a harsh bright light in the night.

View more about the Motion Activated Under Cabinet Homelife Sensor Nightlight.


3. Pillow Covers in Yellow (come in 3 colors)

What I really love about these is (1) they are super soft with texture (2) the pattern is on both sides and (3) they are 20”x20” but fit perfectly loose on my 18”x18” pillow inserts (or covering out of season decorating pillows).

View the Cotton Throw Pillow Covers 20×20 inch (Set of 2) – available in yellow, grey or white.


4. Bar Keepers Friend Cleaner

Wow, where had this item been? I only found ours about this recently when we had purchased a new island with a butcher block top and somehow a flashlight had batteries that went bad and were set on top leaving an awful rust ring stain.

After trying to clean it using on-hand cleaners with no luck, I searched online for possible cleaning options and came across this suggestion. It was amazing. I loved it. And will make sure I always have this on hand.

View the 2-Pack of Bar Keepers Friend Powdered Cleanser 12-Ounces 2-Pack.


5. Soft Silicone Earbuds

I like to listen to movies, shows or sleep aids at night, but certain headphones really hurt your ears when you lay on them.
These headphones were really nice since they have soft coverings and after falling asleep with them in I noticed my ears didn’t hurt!

Take a look here at the Ultra-Light Soft Silicone, Noise Isolating Headphone Earbuds.


6. No-Wire Comfort Bra

Confession, I have an issue with bras because of my size – I am a bit large on top and I need proper support.

But I hate underwires.

I ordered these and have not worn any other bra since. I have about 10 of them now in all the colors and multiples of course.

View the Hanes Women’s Get Cozy Pullover ComfortFlex Fit Wirefree Bra.


7. Duvet Cover

I was looking for a change in the bedroom, more grown-up but still soothing and inviting.
This duvet is so lovely, not only the colors in it but is also a soft material and light enough to not add any additional weight to a blanket.

Check out the beautiful Ovege Duvet Cover Set-Golden Luxury Royal Style Bedding Set.


8. Eyebrow Stamp

This is one of my favorite things I’ve found so far that I use practically every day and can’t imagine not having it.

Besides any plucking you might do, this amazing little gem gives you just enough structure by using any of their pre-made eyebrow cutouts for design versatility but also the stamp color can be as light or dark as you prefer.

It took a few times to test this, but you can easily wipe off and start again. And it comes with a cute little eyebrow brush!

Get your eyebrow stamp kit here.


9. Kasa Smart plug

Out of all the Kasa smart products, I would say this one is my favorite FAVORITE. Like the other items in my list, it has easy setup on a smartphone using their app to turn on a light plugged into this. But what makes this one stand out is that there is a manual on/off control that I can just touch if I don’t want to use the app.

That’s why this Kasa Smart plug is perfect for easy-to-reach locations but you want to give it that extra control.

Be sure to check out the Kasa Smart plug – 2 pack as it’s cheaper to get two instead of one and it’s well worth having them both right away.

10. Kasa Smart Light Bulbs

This is one cool lightbulb. The app for Kasa allows you to schedule multiple lights to go on no matter using a plug or bulb, but even cooler with this is that it has a million, yes MILLION different color options.

We put the ones in the living room on red when our friends came over for scary movie night to set the mood and it was awesome.

Grab yourself some Kasa Smart Light Bulbs for your bedroom, office, kids room, wreck room, living room and even above the dining table to be able to really set the mood.

11. Kasa Smart Indoor Camera

We had bought an indoor camera a few years ago but when I was purchasing the light bulbs and plugs (mentioned above), I saw they had a camera so I got one to test out.

I was very happy with the clearness of the view, day and night. And it was not as expensive as other options we were looking at, such as Ring.

The other benefit was that all the Kasa products were accessible on one app which made turning on/off super easy.

Go here to view all the details for the Kasa Smart Indoor Camera.

12. Kasa Smart Light Switch

P.S. I’m not sponsored by Kasa, I just love their products!!

This was a replacement for a current light switch just to test out. In my opinion, you can get a plug or lightbulb to do the same thing, it’s just preference.

Compare the Kasa smart products to the Kasa Smart light switch.



13. IRobot Automatic Floor Cleaner

With hardwood floors and three small dogs running around, I really learned quick that I did not like sweeping every day just to keep the house looking somewhat clean. This is such a great find.

There’s also another version that includes a mopping function.

Try this version out of the IRobot floor cleaner.

14. Outdoor Solar Path Lights

We have a fenced in yard that the dogs go out into at night but we could never see them when they were out past 20 feet. We didn’t want to install electric lines onto the fence, so these are a great option that come on when the pups walk by them.

View the outdoor solar lights.


15. Face Plant Holder

Isn’t she beautiful!? I just love the serenity she radiates.

Perfect for Springtime or even as a gift.

Check out the succulent head planter here.



16. Wax food protection storage wraps

I was skeptical about these at first. But we now use these for everything in our fridge and I love that we are no longer using and wasting so much plastic.

View more about these wax food storage wraps.


17. Reusable plastic bags

Again, it’s really great to be able to reduce our polluting footprint and use these types of products over and over.

You can use these in place of any other plastic bag – all you need to do is save it and wash it out to reuse!

Help save the planet with these reusable plastic bags.


18. Insulated water or coffee travel mug (30 oz)

This 30 oz insulated travel mug feels perfect in my hand. I know that seems like an odd critique, but sometimes you just like the “feel” of a mug. This isn’t too heavy and I love the handle. It has a metal straw with straw cleaners with it as well as two lid options (straw lid and sip lid).

Check out the Stainless Steel Tumbler Insulated Travel Mug


18. Plastic Hanging Food Dispensers (set of 3)

I was looking for something to put our three dog’s food in and decided to try these out. We currently have 3 different types of food that each dog gets – gastrointestinal sensitive stomach food, puppy food and regular adult.

They work perfectly and no more bending down over and over trying to fill up their dishes.

View the plastic hanging food dispensers


20. Silicone baking molds

This was a random late-night purchase…. because I was sure that I was going to be making homemade food and snacks for my dogs every day like a superwoman.


It didn’t go quite like that, but these little cute molds are perfect for making treats for them, even if I only did it a couple of times.

Once. I did it once. But, they were so inexpensive I highly recommend them because they work and they’re cute.

View more silicone dog shape baking molds

21. Silicone mat for cooking

I’m not a big baker, but I absolutely love this mat.

I use it under my cutting boards, making sushi, making snacks, and whatever else instead of wasting a paper plate or using something else when this is so quick to wipe off and clean.

**Unable to locate – not currently available***

22. Dog Puzzle (Level 2) by Nina Ottoman

This dog toy puzzle is our #1 choice to get for our pups. It’s super interactive and not too hard but they still need to move things around to get the treats.

This one is by far their favorite. It is called The Dog Brick, the Nina Ottosson by Outwardhound, LEVEL 2. And, so far the pups 🐶 love it!

Items we put in it include: dried chicken, dog turkey jerky, treat rewards, pupperoni’s, broken up pieces of dog biscuit bones and even little smudges of peanut butter randomly spread out.

Take a look at the Nina Ottoman Brick Dog Puzzle

23. Snuffle Mats

These are our newest dog toys and they are so good for dogs to use their natural smell sensory as an activity to help boredom, improve gameplay and help digestion to slow down fast eaters.

They say 10 minutes of sniffing in a snuggle mat is just as rewarding for exercise as an hour outside.

Tip- tie the snuggle mats using attached strings to the bottom of a chair or desk to keep it from moving all over the place while they are exploring it.

There you have all my favorite things for March!

APRIL 2022 – All My Favorite Things SNEAK PEAK >>

Here’s a sneak peek of one of our favorite items to be featured in April’s “All My Favorite Things”.

This is a beautiful 12x 84 inch Macrame Table Runner Cotton Lace Boho Table Runner with Tassels for Bohemian Rustic


Items mentioned in this article:

*We sometimes use affiliate links on our site for items that I use, recommend, and love. The links are free for you to use and it helps support my site by providing a commission for the recommendation. I greatly appreciate you clicking on any recommended links I provide.*


But yes, as I mentioned at the beginning, there were definitely some misses and items that just didn’t work out for various reasons.


1. Electric Handheld Milk Frother

This just didn’t work out for me as planned- it barely would move in anything thicker than a water consistency.


2. Striped Duvet Cover

The duvet stripes look darker in the image but they are very light and a weird caramel brown that I just didn’t like it at all.


3. Portable 1TB External Hard Drive Backup

I got this for a Mac laptop. It said in the description it would work for Mac but it does not. After reading some of the comments, it looks like other people found out the same thing as me.

4. Short Sleeved dressy shirts (I bought 2 colors)

I loved the look and colors of these when I got them, but, after putting them on it was very apparent they were quite thin and way too exposing in the breast area.  No matter what I tried to layer underneath it, the material was just too thin I guess.
Hence my next purchase below.


5. Bras Pasties, Strapless Sticky Invisible

Yep, I bought these. I was looking for a solution to my thin shirt problem above, but these were so thick that you could see the circular outline very clearly.

6. Dry paws stick

There was no way I could get the dogs to sit still while trying to rub this very hard stick on their little paws.




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