Free Guy Review Movie (2021)

Free Guy review of the 2021 movie.

As an adult who has and still loves playing video games, this was a very enjoyable movie and a funny kickback making fun of the inter realm of the video game world.

I loved Ryan Reynolds in this and quite perfect for this role. It was basically the same likable silly handsome character he always plays …. which is fine by me. But I hope he doesn’t get stuck in the Adam Sandler movie character vortex. I think he is capable of so much more.

The cast includes Jodie Comer (also in The Last Duel), Utkarsh Ambudkar (in one of our favorite new comedy shows called Ghosts), Lil Rel Howery; Dwayne Johnson, Joe Keery (Stranger Things),  Taika Waititi,  John Krazinski, Channing Tatum and more.

Hubs 1st review reaction: Oh, another movie you watched without me.

Yes, I did, I was bored one day and just saw it sitting there and so I watched it. Oopsies

Hubs actual review: Yeah it was alright, it was funny.

This movie had the basic hero journey setup: origin, discovery of new world, mission, overcoming obstacles and fighting the bad guy.

All in all, another good movie for date night, family night or a comedy/action film to watch.



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