12 Must Have Kitchen Favorite Things

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One place that I love to hang out in is our kitchen. Even though we are always working on some home DIY project in there (hello half unfinished wall that stares at me every day), I still absolutely spend most my time there.

Plus, it’s a main walkway for taking the dogs out all the time or sitting down in the little sitting area we have and play with the pups and give them their dog toys and puzzles. It’s a central part of our lives so I am happy to add some items that help make it look and function better.

This past year I have been watching and reading a lot from online infuencers through Pinterest, Instagram and TIk Tok, showing new and fund gadgets, gizmos and decor. From them, I’ve learned to start finding my own items that fit our specific needs and make our lives more enjoyable in the kitchen.

This page is full of those items I’ve found and nothing makes this page unless I love it…. so I hope you find something you love too that can help make your kitchen happy and more functional!

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12 Must Have Kitchen Favorite Things

All of the items listed below are just things I use mostly in the kitchen but you can use them anywhere that makes sense to you.

I have a page full of favorite things listed by categories if you’d like to look there as well.

1. Acacia Wood Lid Square Spice Jars

acacia wood lid spice jars
Acacia Wood Lid Spice Jars

You know what? I love these. I really really do. These have become my absolute #1 favorite purchase for the entire year – maybe of all time. 

I got them at Amazon

These 4 oz square spice containers have a beautiful acacia wood lid on them that are unique all on their own. The pack comes with 24 spice jars and includes 547 Labels, Shaker Lids, Chalk Pen, Funnel. Use them for seasoning jars on your spice rack (I got these black magnetic ones), in your cabinet or laying in your drawer. They can be used facing forward or using the stickers to label the tops.

2. Lazy Susan – Kitchen Storage Turntable – LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

If you’ve been following along with us these past few months, you’ll know that we’ve been in process of doing a kitchen remodel, a DIY type situation. We didn’t replace any cabinets, but one of the upper cabinets in the corner is a longer one that goes to the back where I just can’t reach and I thought maybe this would help.

I got these lazy susan turntables at Amazon

Oh, yes, baby – it was perfect for that! So if you have any of those upper cabinets that are in the corner with spaces you just can’t reach, try getting one of these lazy Susan turntables  and I bet it will help you out a ton, too!


3. Gripstic Airtight & Waterproof sealers

This is one item that I have actually used for many years in place of traditional “chip clips”. You know, the big flat ones that look like the old 1980’s hair clips? I think they were probably created in the same time frame.

Gripstic’s are pretty darn awesome because they create an airtight seal and keep chips and other foldable items from going bad. I use them for baking items, chips, rice bags, cheese, and tons more.

Grab a small bag of the Gripstic and try them out for yourself! You’ll never want to use anything else again.

4. Juicer Machine by Mueller

I got this Mueller Juicer because I absolutely crave fresh juice sometimes, often because I get on very healthy kicks. I was really impressed with this ultra-power and easy-to-clean extractor. 

The first time we tried it, we just started throwing in some things we had in the fridge, and let me tell you, it was so so SO GOOD! We put 4 whole carrots, an apple, some leftover pineapple, and I believe that was it.

There are plenty of more expensive ones out there, but I got this one to make sure it would be something I used and then plan on upgrading when I’m ready to invest in a more expensive one. For now, the Mueller juicer machine 1100w works perfectly for the 2 to 3 times we use it a week at most.


5. Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Remember the old dust busters? This is what I would call it from way back in the day.

It definitely comes in handy so I don’t have to get the vacuum cleaner out just for cleaning out the bottom of the sliding glass door which collects a lot of dirt from the dogs coming in and out all the time.

Here is the cordless handheld vacuum cleaner I love (not available right now).

Equivalent handheld vacuum cleaner option


6. Plastic or Glass juicer bottles

To go along with the juicer we got above, I also purchased some bottles for us to put our juice in for the week to quickly grab and drink when we were ready. This way we could pre-make the juice and it can be a grab-n-go.

I actually bought both plastic and glass bottles as seen here below.

Here are the 16 oz plastic juice bottles.

Here are the 18 oz glass bottles.


7. Bottle Cleaner Brush Set – 7 pack

I knew I needed bottle cleaners, but oh this pack is just so great for tons of things!

These are so versatile, I use them for cleaning out our coffee mugs, the plastic bottles for our juicing, glass bottles, baby bottles, glass juice flasks, canning jars and so much more.

Grab your own bottle cleaner brush set!


8. Brown Wicker Placemats

I really can’t tell you how pretty these are in person and the shape is wider than a typical round placemat. In the past have bought wicker placemats that are a lighter, natural butcher block brown color. These have an amazing dark brown combination to them and look stunning against whites and bright colors.

As I mentioned above, I also love the shape as they are oval which means your plate can easily be centered and utensils fit nicely on either side.

Here are the 4 set of Boho Wicker Placemats.

9. Reusable Mop Pads for Swiffer Wet Jet

In our effort to reduce, reuse and recycle more to help limit our waste, I decided to try these reusable mop pads for our Swiffer Wet Jet to replace the one-use throw-away attachments.

These were perfect. And I loved that I can just remove and throw them in with any laundry load.

View more Swiffer Wet Jet reusable mop pads.

10. Macrame Table Runner

Macrame everything seems to be a big key boho decor item currently, and this table runner falls right into that style. I am somewhere of a mix between natural earthy, boho, industrial, old-world and wood element style. Yes, I don’t fit in anywhere, but I can say I’m more collective and individualized. I like to add my own unique decor items randomly throughout the house for no particular reason except that I liked it and it makes me happy.

Take a look at the Macrame table runner.

11. Chair Feet Protectors

I’m putting this one first because these were my absolute favorite purchase last month because they worked wonderfully and I couldn’t believe how many we got! There were 36 of them in the package (I clearly didn’t read – just looked at the picture).

We were looking for something to put at the bottom of our TV trays that were scuffing up our hardwood floor in the living room (no judgment, yes we eat in our living room while watching tv). Grab your 36pcs Black Chair Leg Covers

They come in smaller sizes if you need but these worked well for what we needed them for and we can use them for our table chairs, too.



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