Quantum Leap Sequel Review – TV Show (Renewed 2nd Season, Oct 2023)

quantum leap season 2 tv show sequel

It’s coming back friends! I can’t wait!

Quantum Leap tv show: Run dates: September 19, 2022 – Cancelled after 2 seasons 

**Updated April 10th, 2024 – See full cancelled tv shows list >>

Oct 4, 2023
S2 E1 · This Took Too Long!

It’s a Sequel Not a Reboot

As an original Quantum Leap fan (1989, Sam Beckett played by Scott Bakula), I have to say I was SOOO hesitant about this SEQUEL not reboot.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to love it or hate it…..

And I’m here to say that I absolutely ….. liked it ….. alot….

It took me a few episodes to say OK, this is alright, I’m OK with how they’re doing this….

Two things I was really happy about with the new show:

  1. it is a continuation of the original series with canon throughout
  2. it has a sense of family-friendly “innocence” that the original had with a “feel good” episodical ending with a seasonal story and arches

quantum leap original 1989 sequel 2022

1. Continuation: I was incredibly happy with the fact that it is a CONTINUATION….. with the number of reboots (uh hmm, Charmed, ick), I really didn’t want a reboot.The continuation of the story references Sam, Ziggy, Al, Gooshie and even interlinking some of the storylines (episodes) that have given us original fans of the 1989 show a bit of nostalgia in a great way.

2. Feel Good: One of the things I remember from the first series as a young girl was that it was like other shows of the 80’s in that it had a story that was about solving a problem and fixing it within the timeslot, also known as episodial resolve. And with that, it had a gentle innocence, a family-friendly feel-good story.

The “new” Quantum Leap has shown care, understanding and attention by the creators and writers for the sensibilities of the series shown onscreen.

quantum-leap-cast sequel 2022

Of course, there are updated scenarios and opportunities they’ve evolved into the show’s dynamics which I found acceptable and I had no problem with these.

As far as characters go, it didn’t take me very long to care about them. I feel like I felt care about every single character within the first pilot episode which honestly doesn’t happen that often these days…. (I’m dreading the new Frasier reboot October 2023 for this reason).

But, there are some definite downfalls….

quantum leap original sam al sequel ben addison

What didn’t I like?

It took me a bit to feel the same thing I felt for the main character Ben Song (new) vs Sam Beckett (original) who I like right away along with Al, his holographic guide.

By the end of Season 1 I definitely liked him and enjoy him as the main character, but it just took me a little longer than I expected… maybe it’s the relationship of the two main characters of Ben and Addison (his holographic guide and fiance) in that it didn’t feel like a lot of chemistry at first.

But, like I said, by the end of season 1 i did and all is good. I adore the arche they created with the two main characters and also the season 1 finale was a moment that I did gasp….

I was at the edge of my seat thinking…. “will it be Sam?”, finger nail biting….

I so wanted it to be him but woah… when I went onto Twitter to see updates there were a ton of frenzied maniacs saying “LET IT GO”, and that “Sam didn’t ever return home per the last screen from the finale of the original!”….

Which, in all fairness, is canon to the show…. but maybe here’s my thought….

Does Sam (Quantum Leap) ever make it home?

sam quantum leap never returned home 1989

BUT…..What if…

What if the show could stay on canon for the series but allow Sam to come back into the transporter…. but, obviously time has passed and he’s gotten older and he…

Never really does return HOME…… he just returns to our new people and decides to keep leaping because that’s what he wants to do or maybe he just goes somewhere and lives his life out…… never really returning home to keep with the original ending of his….

I don’t know… it could all be true and still be great for the new show.

Just my thoughts…

What do you think of the show, of Season 1 and your thoughts about the upcoming Season 2? Tell me in the comments below!



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