DIY Double Pantry Doors – Under $100

Our very first home remodeling project was building a pantry into a weird open area and doing our own DIY double pantry doors on it. I absolutely love how they turned out!

Our home may not be perfect, but it’s exactly what we were looking for at the time. It had nothing wrong with it, but there were definitely things we wanted to do to it cosmetically to make it fit our style and function.

If you’re interested in looking at the home in its purest state when we bought it, you can visit this before our home was our home.

Some of the projects we planned to do were:

  • pantry & pantry doors √ Done!
  • sliding glass doors in the foyer √ Done!
  • add carpet to basement stairs √ Done!
  • add a pool √ Done!
  • open up the kitchen, rearrange, and add an island √ In Process
  • update cabinets
  • paint siding
  • new fence around the property
  • add a back deck or patio
  • carpet and finish the basement

As you can see, our eyes were really big with ideas. But, we found we were so comfortable with our home as is that a lot of these projects, just kinda….. well…. sat there and didn’t get done!

But, we somehow managed to get some grit and get this pantry done because let me tell you, I am a short person and trying to find anything in upper cabinets just wasn’t working for me at all!

So off we went to start on our pantry and pantry doors.


**descriptions coming…….


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