Subspace Rhapsody – How Would That Feel (Flying Blind) Video & Lyrics – Star Trek: Strange New Worlds – S2E9

Song sung by Christina Chong (La’An Noonien-Singh)
Track 4 on Subspace Rhapsody (Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 Episode 9)

Verse 1:
Did I hear that right
Did she just shine a spotlight
On her innermost feelings
Like it’s no big deal
Say whatever, whenever you like

You’d presume with all my mastery
To pursue flights of fancy
, easy
Who am I kidding, I’ve never found that part of me
‘Cause I’m designed to color inside the lines

Cool and methodical
Way too responsible
I can’t help it
Sometimes I peek through a keyhole and see people happy
I admit

It might
Be time to changе my paradigm
If only I can let go of the wheel
My fear rеplaced with total faith
I’m fiercely free and really real

Flying blind
How would that feel?

Verse 2:
This all makes me so uncomfortable
I want to let go
Be vulnerable
Who am I kidding, I’ve never met that side of me
In my defense
The truth has a consequence
I won’t watch the whole thing spin out of control
If I have the chanceChorus:
It might
Be time to change my paradigm
If I can only let go of the wheel
My fear replaced with total faith
I’m fiercely free and really realFlying blind
How would that feel?Bridge:
In another time we had a life together
Could time repeat
Or will it unravel
Be careful what you start
Make one mistake and blow it all apart
Or worse
Break my own heart

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