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Amazon Influencer Video Content make money online

I’ve put together a list of guidelines and best practices for influencers in the Amazon Influencer Program to help them maximize their video viewership and earnings on These are all provided directly from Amazon on reference pages mentioned below where mentioned and cover rules that must be followed for video submissions and approval that are uploaded to Amazon as part of the Amazon Influencer Program. Also note that all videos must comply with Amazon’s Community Guidelines.


Amazon Influencer Video Best Practices

As per Amazon, if your videos do not follow the best practices listed below, it may impact how often your video is shown outside of your influencer storefront.  Read the full descriptions at Amazon’s Video Best Practices >

Include in your video:

Demonstrative – show product in use along with the product’s features, value, benefits, how it works, and in action

Descriptive – what it is, who intended for, why it’s different, or better, the size, weight, cleaning, storing, and assembly

Proper Product Tagging – only tag the most relevant product that is visually seen and demonstrated in the video

Shoppable Video Basics

Most successful creators and their videos follow the basics for shoppable videos include:

  • have a large library of videos covering a variety of products and categories.
  • help customers discover new products, find inspiration, or learn about how a product works, looks and feels.
  • help customers feel confident in their purchase decisions
  • helps a customer get a better understanding of a product, how to use it, or how it compares to its competitors
  • videos use descriptive language including identifying product materials, features, or benefits

Examples of Videos That Help Customers

There are different types of shoppable videos to make to help increase your videos being seen that include:

Amazon customers engage most with videos that have a high level of production value including:

  • have ample lighting and good product visibility
  • audio is clear and consistent
  • non-distracting background when filming your videos

Amazon Shoppable Video Format & Configuration requirements:

  • Video file is .mp4 or .mov
  • Video file size is limited to 5GB or less
  • Longer than 5 seconds and less than 60 minutes
  • Tag only relevant products SHOWN in your video
  • A descriptive title to help customers understand what your video is about
  • An appropriate thumbnail (choose or upload) – customers see this first and helps them decide whether to click and watch

Amazon Influencer Video Guidelines

The following items are prohibited for Amazon Influencer videos. You can read the full description of each item below at Amazon’s Influencer Video Content Guidelines page >

External links – no web links, URLs, or calls to action that go to external sites (e.g. “Go to to learn more”).

Accurately tag products – Only tag products that are clearly featured in your video. Videos will be rejected if the products tagged do not match the content.

Unsupported actions – Do not ask to follow, subscribe, leave a comment, turn on notifications, or view descriptions.

Prices and promotions – Do not include prices, promotion information, discounts, or time-sensitive information.

Customer reviews – Do not ask viewers to leave positive customer reviews.

Unacceptable products – Videos must not include references to products not sold on Amazon. Your videos may include product(s) gifted to you by a brand, provided it is sold on Amazon and you clearly and conspicuously disclose the connection (e.g., “I was paid for this post”) in the video.

Amazon marks – Do not use Amazon’s intellectual property such as logos and service names

Private info – Do not share private information such as phone numbers or email addresses

Defamatory language – Reviews must not be defamatory or derogatory. For example, “Product X is much better than Product Y, which is a piece of junk” is not acceptable.

Video text Errors – Do not include spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in the video, title or description

Children – Videos must not be directed at children and an adult must be shown with any child. Children’s products are eligible for uploaded videos, but if a child is shown in a video, the child’s appearance must be directly related to products being discussed and an adult must also be included in the video. Any nudity or sexually suggestive content containing minors, including minor’s modeling swimwear and undergarments, is strictly prohibited.

False medical claims – Do not make health claims, medical claims, or refer to medical conditions unless they are accurate, such as:

– Do not claim or imply the product can prevent or cure disease. For example, “Can help alleviate stress related to ADHD”, “Can help with the appearance of acne scarring”.
– Do not claim that health products are as good as or better than prescription or over-the-counter products.
– Do not claim or imply that a product can cause customers to lose weight without also following a balanced diet and doing exercise.
– Do not claim that a product can guarantee weight loss results.
– Do not refer to a rate of weight loss of greater than two pounds a week, as this could be unsafe.

Medical advice – Do not provide medical advice or refer negatively to professional medical advice.

Alcohol – All products by alcohol manufacturers or distributors are strictly prohibited. Alcohol-related products are permitted, for example: wine bottle openers, beer dispensers, glassware, etc. However, the following rules apply:

– Do not encourage, feature or refer to behaviors that suggest irresponsible drinking. For example, grabbing a wine bottle in a mock drunk manner and holding it to one’s mouth (even if obviously in jest) is not permitted.
– Do not encourage excessive consumption. For example you cannot say, “Get this cocktail mixer and you could have fresh margaritas every night,” or “Have a beer first thing in the morning.”
– You cannot disparage abstinence from alcoholic beverages. For example you cannot say, “This is more fun than making lemonade,” or, “Quality shot glasses are a must have for parties.

Rights and Infringement – Don’t post content in a way that infringes the intellectual property or other proprietary rights of others. Only post your own content or content that you have permission to use. For example, unless you have obtained permission from all relevant third parties, do not play music or include images, artwork, or other audiovisual works in your videos. You should also avoid wearing clothes, jewelry, or accessories with prominently visible branding if you don’t have permission from the brand owner.


~~ And as always friends, take care, be kind to yourself and others and always keep learning to be better and do better.

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