The Adam Project Review (2022) – Movie Review

**mild spoiler, but not storyline spoiler**

I can’t believe it, they’re together again and it’s wonderful.

But I’ll get to that in a second. First, let’s talk about this adorable movie.

The movie is a genuine family heartfelt movie streaming only on Netflix at the moment.

With newcomer Walker Scobell playing the lead role, he is an incredible young actor with fantastic comedic timing. I can’t wait to see what he does in his future as an actor because he is talented. Definitely, one to watch for as he grows into his acting career (please oh please Hollywood don’t do him wrong and mess with this kid)!

And, if you like Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo, then this will be very enjoyable for you too, as they seem like themselves and their humor is shining through.

I know you all are just waiting for my wonderful husband’s detailed review so here it is:

Hubs review: It’s good, you’ll like it. Better than Free Guy.

Simple and to the point.

I did, I liked it a lot. I actually only slightly teared up once but that’s cuz I’m on meds right now that suffocate my overly reactive emotions.

It really was a good-hearted, nice movie with a bit of everything in it: a kid who’s very likable, a sarcastic hunky main guy that is likable even though he might not come off that way at first, a sad family story in multi ways, a villain, time travel, flying time travel machines (ok they’re planes), love interest, a dog, lightsaber (heck yeah), blowing some stuff up a bit, and some fight scenes,

I can confidentially say it was one of my favorite Ryan Reynolds flicks, and there’s plenty to choose from. It was one of those movies that really the family can watch and it’s not kiddish but it’s not gory or overly adultish that teenage kids can’t enjoy.


Speaking of Mark Ruffalo, this movie brings together him and Jennifer Garner again…. Yes, our beloved stars (Jenna and Matty) from one of my favorite feel-good movies “13 Going on 30”. I guess I won’t put spoilers in here, but they are both in the movie and it’s lovely to see them…..together……again.

So if you’re needing a good date night, humorous, time travel kick butt movies that’s not over the top, this is a great choice.






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