Hot Chocolate Cocoa Bomb Cups – Examples & Variations

Hot Cocoa Bombs are all done! For my first time, I think they turned out awesome!!

These chocolate cocoa bomb cups are a variation from the original round hot cocoa bombs. You can make them for any event really, like birthdays or get-togethers and not just for holidays! All you need to do is change up the chocolate type (try using white chocolate instead for example) and using fun-themed decorations.

This is so easy and fun to make, I hope you try it and enjoy it as much as I did (making it and eating them!)


Items you will need:

Directions to Make Cocoa Bomb Cups

Step 1. Cut a small slit down the side of the small Dixie cup. (This makes the removal faster).

Step 2: Place a piece of tape on the outside of the cup (to keep the chocolate from leaking)

Step 3: Place a heaping spoonful of melted chocolate in the bottom of the cup. Swirl the chocolate around the sides almost to the top of the cup. Let the chocolate cool.




Step 4: Once cooled check the chocolate to make sure it is thick enough. Some of the cups I had to add more chocolate and let cool again.

Step 5: Add a serving of hot cocoa to the cup

Step 6: Add a heaping spoonful of chocolate to the top. I used the candy cane to make sure the cocoa was full covered. Then I pushed the candy cane inside the cup and added a few marshmallows. Let this cool completely.

Quick Tip: I unwrapped only the part of the candy cane that was going in the bomb. 

Step 7: Find where you cut the Dixie cup and carefully rip it apart.

Decorate Your Cocoa Bomb!

Decorate with extra chocolate and sprinkles if you’d like.

You can make them for any event (like birthdays or graduations) or holiday by simply changing the colors and decorations! Take a look at a bunch of examples and variations we found below.

Variation Tips:

  • Add food coloring or use colored chocolate melts (examples are green or white chocolate)
  • Use flavored melts like caramel, spearmint and berry for additional flavoring and design.
  • Create themed cocoa bomb cups using holiday-specific decorative candies and sprinkles


        .      . .


Hot Cocoa Bombs (original round version)





Updated: December 2023

Original Post: Dec 19, 2022

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